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Amurg is a virtual instrument for digital audio workstations and other plugin hosts on both Windows and macOS.

This sample-based ROMpler instrument features 172 presets such as keys, leads, basses, pads, and fx. Each preset is customizable with a set of controls such as ADSR envelope, modulation, filter, reverb, chorus, delay, distortion, etc.

All the sounds are & provided 100% royalty-free.

Amurg is available in VST/VST3 Windows and VST/VST3/AU macOS.

Newest video demo:

You can download & test the free Lite version before purchasing, click here.

This product is not currently for sale.

License and Refund Policy

- License -

As a licensed user you are allowed to create original compositions with this virtual instrument (plugin), including both audio and video productions.

You are a valid license owner only if you downloaded/bought the plugin from our website or authorized resellers (consult the list on our website), using your valid email address. Keep in mind, obtaining the plugin from other sources doesn't make you a valid license owner!

You are allowed to sell/distribute your original compositions or productions created with this virtual instrument (plugin). You don't need to pay any royalties to us.

You are NOT allowed to sell and/or distribute this virtual instrument (plugin).

You are bound to this agreement and deviating from it will result in legal retribution.

- Refund Policy -

The plugin is available for download immediately after purchase.

We allow any refund only if the product doesn't work as intended. When you contact us with this issue, please attach a screen capture with the proofs of the bug(s).

We encourage you to download and test the LITE version before you purchase the full-paid version. Also, before purchasing, please check the software/hardware requirements listed on the product page.

We are unable to offer refunds if you change your mind after purchase, you have the wrong hardware/software specs, or have insufficient knowledge on how to use the product.

By purchasing our products you are agreeing that refunds will be issued at the sole discretion of audiolatry.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Last updated May 31, 2023


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14 ratings